Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dear Athletes, Please Stop Killing Animals for Sport. Thank You

From "Video posted of Pedro, Juan Marichal at cockfight" (AP/

A video of New York Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez and Hall of Famer Juan Marichal at a cockfight was posted this week on YouTube.

Martinez and Marichal laugh before releasing the roosters. The two took part as honorary "soltadores," the word used to describe the person who puts the animal to fight.

The animal released by Martinez appears to be killed on the video, which was posted Tuesday. The fight takes place in the Coliseo de Gallos (Rooster Coliseum) in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic's biggest cockfighting venue. Cockfighting is legal and popular in the Dominican Republic.

By early Thursday, the video was removed "due to terms of use violation."

Don't even know where to begin with this one. "Cockfighting is legal and popular in the Dominican Republic." Dogfighting is illegal and popular in the U.S. Is killing a dog for sport worse than killing a rooster? We kill chickens for food, but not dogs—does that make a difference?

How do race and culture factor in? Does Gary Sheffield's controversial theory relate? Will there be repercussions for Pedro?