Monday, February 25, 2008

Diamond Hoggers Gives SoSG An Oscar

A very kind shout-out to Diamond Hoggers, who in the course of their team-by-team preview series, decided to give the "blog of choice" Oscar to Sons of Steve Garvey. Thanks, guys! We really appreciate it!

We'd like to thank our producers, our editorial staff, the Mothers of the Sons of Steve Garvey,....

"TheNaturalMevs" (if that is indeed your real name) also has a separate post about Kirk Gibson's home run, which always is compelling viewing (and reading). Guys, you had us at "hoggers." (And the fact that you extol the virtues of Dodger Dogs + jalapenos. Mmmm.)

The Hoggers also rate the Dodgers against core attributes on a ten-point scale, giving Lineup 7.2, Pitching 8.1, Manager 9.3, Intangibles 7.0, for an Overall ranking of 7.9 (perhaps their formula is an arithmetic average?). Personally, I would have given Lineup a 7.1 and Pitching a 8.2, but I won't quibble. Here's their summary:

This team has the makings of a decent group, but I don't think they're going to win the West. The things that will help them are obvious. A dominant closer, a great manager, speed at the top of the lineup, and having a team that is built to play in their home ballpark. Their downfall will be that they have a bit too much age at this stage in the game. The careers of too many in their lineup are flickering and in decline. I think this is a team that could finish 4 games or so above .500 for the season.

Not exactly the most inspiring words. But didn't everyone pick us to win the NL West last year?