Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dodgers Skimping on Outdoor Advertising Amidst Sea of Red

It's been at least a month since the bright red Angels billboards, including a huge one that just says "VLAD", popped up all over town. I know that Angels owner Arte Moreno, who has made his business fortune on outdoor advertising, has a competitive advantage here.

But with Frank McCourt's parking lot expertise, I would have thought that he would have found some way of working his angle into the Dodgers' 2008 publicity campaign. Give valet parking attendants Dodger schedules to distribute! Put Dodger ads on the lines separating parking spots! Align the little bots dots in "LA" logo designs! Come on, Frankie! Wake up!!!

We are a month away from opening day, and the only baseball billboards up in the city are Angels billboards. Dodger Baseball: Why Wouldn't You Stay Home?

Anyway, the upshot of all of these Angels billboards is that I'm keenly aware that they have moved their radio home from ESPN 710 to 830 AM. Cool.

The Dodgers' contract with KFWB 980 ended in September. How are Dodgers fans supposed to know that you switched to KABC 790, if you don't put up a frickin' billboard or two?

And by the way, the first KABC 790 broadcast of Dodger baseball comes today, in about an hour's time (10am PT). Dodgers vs. Braves. I'm sure the ratings will be rival the Oscars.