Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Steve Sax - Appearing Today!!!

Okay, it's a repeat on Sirius, which most of you don't/won't get. And the appearance is from 1991. And it's the Howard Stern show. But if you're in the mood to hear Mr. Sax pontificate on all things rice, hunting, and Steinbrenner, tune in at app. 1pm today for the replay on Sirius Channel 100. Here's some highlights of his interview from the wonderfully titled marksfriggin.com:

Steve Steve said he was actually there to promote the Rice Council of America. He got right into some rice talk and talked about how great it is to cook at home. Howard told him that the Asians are amazing the way they can eat rice with those sticks they use.

Howard asked Steve if he ever nailed anyone famous. Steve laughed and said he never has. Howard asked about the Rice Council again and wondered why they need a council for rice, you either put butter on it or not, that's it.

During a commercial break Steve was talking to Howard about spelunking and hunting and things like that. Steve said that they go hunting for birds and end up eating them. Fred threw in another fart sound and made him laugh hysterically again.

Howard came back from the commercial break and said that he thinks they lost Steve when he went to check out their office door which is filled with pictures of naked women who have sent in pictures of themselves.

Yep, riveting radio. Unfortunately, Howard did not get Sax to take a ride on the Sybian (I'd put a link or pic of exactly what that is, but I want to keep our site S.F.W.)


Orel said...

If rice gave you guns like that, then China would be the buffest place on earth. Do you like how I used "guns" to mean "biceps"? I am down with the gym lingo.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

I think the more current term is "pythons"

Orel said...

Are you talking about biceps or the Sybian?

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

During the interview, Steve Sax said he wasn't attracted to Belinda Carlile. His reason - "her hair's too short."

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Sax was pretty funny (despite how dull the rice talk was). They kept playing fart noises during the news, which made Sax cackle non-stop. Who knew he had a Beavis side to him.

Steve Sax said...

That's not cackling. That's the sound of my guns flexing.

I'm still coming for you, Delino (based on that how-many-kids-can-you-beat-up bait and switch post).

Eric Karros said...

In the how-five-year-olds-can-you-beat-up post, if you click on the hyperlink in the text rather than the one behind the photo, it works. I guess I should have commented this under that post.

Ed Attanasio said...

I am interviewing Steve soon for my web site:
I will have to ask him about his great Stern appearance.