Thursday, February 28, 2008

How Did We Miss the Signs? The Rich Donnelly Saga Continues

From Diamond:

Wow. On a day in which they honor Maury Wills, this happens. Bases loaded with Matt Kemp on first, James Loney on second. Mark Sweeney singles to left field, scoring Jones. Third base coach Larry Bowa holds up the stop sign, and Loney stops at third. Kemp rounds second with a head of steam and probably with his head down. He slides into headfirst third, where Loney is, so Kemp is called out. After the following inning, Bowa caught up with Kemp coming off the field from his right field position and the two spoke.

Russell Martin just followed up with another baserunning error. Running on the pitch, he slid into second without realizing Jeff Kent had popped up to right field. Martin was doubled off.


Steve Sax said...

Keep your head up, Matty!


Steve Sax said...

Diamond Leung also has this quote from a subsequent post:

If this happens after the 10th game, the meetings won't be calm and cool," third base coach Larry Bowa said.