Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Never Too Early To Start Extrapolating

The Dodgers are going undefeated this year!!!

Seriously, I won't be so brash as to project team performance based on one game. But let's have some fun looking at players' lines from today's box score, shall we?

Pierre, LF 0-for-3, 0R, 0RBI, 0BB, 0SO, 2LOB, .000
Kemp, RF 2-for-3, 0R, 0RBI, 0BB, 1SO, 2LOB, .667
Ethier, LF 1-for-2, 2R, 0RBI, 1BB, 0SO, 0LOB, .500
Jones, A, CF 0-for-1, 1R, 0RBI, 2BB, 0SO, 0LOB, .000
Which one of those doesn't belong? (Hint: he batted leadoff, and was replaced by Chin-Lung Hu who went 1-for-1 with a run.)

Garciaparra, 3B 1-for-2, 0R, 0RBI, 0BB, 0SO, 2LOB, .500
LaRoche, PR-3B 1-for-1, 0R, 0RBI, 1BB, 0SO, 0LOB, 1.000
Hoo, boy, this is going to be a dogfight this spring. With these performances, though, it's a problem I'd like to have.

Loney, 1B 2-for-3, 0R, 0RBI, 0BB, 0SO, 0LOB, .667
See what happens when you finally FREE JAMES LONEY?