Monday, December 04, 2006

Winter Meetings: Dodger Predictions (Part 2/ESPN)

ESPN has a very curious matrix of deal predictions regarding this week's winter meetings in Florida. Here are the specific comments about the Dodgers:

  • Red Sox insider Peter Gammons predicts Manny Ramirez will go to the Dodgers, and if he is predicting this, I have to think it's pretty real. So do Steve Phillips, Tim Kurkjian, Sean McAdam, and Amy Nelson (though it's noted that three other columnists have Manny going to other teams, and a number of other columnists don't mention any Manny movement at all).
  • No one predicts either Barry Zito or Jason Schmidt will end up with the Dodgers; Schmidt is most often cited as a future Mariner.
  • Enrique Rojas says "don't underestimate the Dodgers," though he strangely does not list the Dodgers in any major deal.
  • Phillips and McAdam list the Dodgers as the week's big winner. So does Jayson Stark, though he (like Rojas) also does not mention the Dodgers in any major deal.

  • The absence of detail on this matrix makes it extremely difficult to understand the logic behind these predictions. It is telling though that many people believe the Dodgers will be involved in a big deal somehow, either with or without Manny. No other NL West team gets a prominent mention in the matrix.

    Hold onto your hats.


    Orel said...

    A curious Matrix indeed. I can't believe only one writer thinks Barry Zito will get over $100M.