Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Colletti's Shopping Spree Over? Gonzalez Reportedly to Dodgers

ESPNews' ticker just flashed (and supports) that Luis Gonzalez is about to become the newest Dodger. Gonzalez has agreed to a one-year deal for $7M, according to these early reports. He would be the everyday left fielder, leaving Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and Jason Repko to battle for the last outfield spot.

With this news, is Ned's shopping spree over? With Ramon Martinez, Juan Pierre, Randy Wolf, Jason Schmidt, Mike Lieberthal, and Juan Gonzalez all signed--and NONE OF THE DODGER PROSPECTS given away as of yet--I would have to say Colletti has done an excellent job shopping in this off-season, well beyond my expectations. He should exit the six-players-or-less line with his head high and return from Orlando now (before he spots the Bonds clearance aisle or the Manny endcap promotion, that is).

The Dodgers are now reloaded following the losses of Drew, Maddux, and that Lugo guy, and Colletti has done so without leveraging the future. Bravo, Ned, well done!


Orel said...

Damn, you beat me to it again!

Steve Sax said...

I keep forgetting Marlon Anderson when mentioning outfield options, which is a real disservice given his efforts in 2006 to get the Dodgers to the playoffs. My bad.

Orel said...

He can play second as well.