Saturday, December 09, 2006

1. Grow Beard, 2. Drop Beer, 3. Become Millionaire

"Yes! I found a Nintendo Wii!"

A few notes from Ken Gurnick's article on the Dodgers' latest signings:

The Dodgers currently have 18 players under contract in 2007 at about $109 million and the remaining players will probably total about $10 million.

A payroll near $120 million? Gotta give McCourt some credit here. Maybe literally. (Okay, I know that's an oldie, but it's hard to resist.)

Mark Hendrickson, Joe Beimel, Toby Hall and Jayson Werth...are eligible for salary arbitration. Hendrickson figures to receive around $4 million and Beimel $1 million.

$1 million for Beimel? Congratulations, Dr. McSlicey.

Werth has no leverage after missing the entire 2006 season with wrist injuries.

No leverage? Sadly, that too may be literal.

Colletti said he might start calling around next week, presumably to look for a big bat, with Toronto's Vernon Wells the most likely target. He will be a free agent after next season and the Blue Jays are looking for pitching, which makes them a fitting trade partner.

Not so fast, says Toronto: ( Jays hoping to lock up Wells: After quiet Winter Meetings, club has extra funds for slugger.

photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images