Thursday, July 11, 2013

Post-Game 90 Thread: Extrasweepalicious


On a night when the vaunted Dodgers rookies weren't at their best — Ryu gave up five earned over five innings, and Puig went 1 for 7 with three Ks — their teammates scraped together the grittiest win we've seen this season. Appropriately enough, it came against the Diamondbacks.

Tonight's heroes:

  • Hanley put the Dodgers ahead with a booming two-RBI double in the 5th, kept the Dodgers' rally going in the 9th with a single, and hit what would be the game-winning homer in the 14th. And you know what? His defense is getting better too.
  • Ajellis got the game-tying RBI in the 9th, and homered in the 14th for some valuable insurance.
  • Mellis went 2 for 7; he should have gone 4 for 7 but was robbed on great diving plays by Ross and Pollock. He also played his usual strong defense, and worked a sweet 14-pitch AB off Collmenter in the 10th to drive up his pitch count.
  • AGon homered in the 7th to pull the Dodgers to within one.
  • The bullpen (J.P., Beli, Dominguez, Paco, Withrow, Kenley) basically threw a CGSHO. Special mention to...
  • Withrow, who didn't back down from the dangerous Goldschmidt in his three innings of work, and Kenley, who went two strong for the save win.
  • Vin, for amiably guiding us through five extra innings he wasn't planning on.
  • Kirk Gibson, for inexplicably forcing Cody Ross to bunt with one on and no out in the 13th, even with two strikes (Ross bunt-popped out for strike three...which should have been a DP, if you think about it).

It was a team victory in every sense of the term. The Dodgers sweep the D'backs (6-1, 6-1, 7-5; game, set, match); on this crucial road trip they mowed through the NL West, going 7 of 9 (thanks, Sax!) against the Rox, Giants, and Snakes, and vaulting from last to second place. The Dodgers are at .500 for the first time since April 30 and are 1.5 games out of first.

Come home, boys! Put the Rockies in their place and take a well-earned few days off (except you, Clayton, and maybe you, Yasiel).


Cliff Beefpile said...

Watching the replay now, since I missed almost all of it earlier tonight. It's oh so glorious watching the d-bag fans chant "Beat L.A." in the top of the 9th and knowing what's gonna happen next. :D

Cliff Beefpile said...

D-bags are kidding themselves if they think they're gonna win shit with Bell as their closer.

Fred's Brim said...

what a great final to wake up to.

Amazing, going 7-2 in the hardest roadtrip roadtrip of the year, against the teams they are chasing

hope we can keep it going against Colorado and not let down

BJ Killeen said...

This was an important win. AZ has an easy opponent the next three games, so deflating them was crucial. We can't let up yet. Heard most of the game, woke up to hear the b2b runs. I'll pay for that later today, but worth it!

fostermatt said...

"Kirk Gibson, for inexplicably forcing Cody Ross to bunt with one on and no out in the 13th, even with two strikes (Ross bunt-popped out for strike three...which should have been a DP, if you think about it)."

How should it have been a DP? It was foul anyway, if AJ let it drop it would have gone down as a K instead of a pop out.

Scott said...

I might have Dodger overdosed last night...Attended the Stan Kasten townhall at the LA Sport Museum, came home to start watching the SWEEP in the 8th!

Has anyone been to the private collection of Gary Cypres? It's stunning!

Photos to come...

Paul said...

What happened? Sax stole all my beer!

Neeebs (The Original) said...

KJ with the win, not the save.

Steve Sax said...

@neeebs: thanks. Edited

rbnlaw said...

Bleary-eyed after watching that classic last night. Just a month ago I was ready to quit watching the Dodgers, but held out hope that Hanley would spark a renaissance. I was also lured in by the prospect of watching Puig go to work.

Needless to say, I'm glad I stuck this out. June was a blast, and July is carrying on.

As for the Puig/press debacle, it all seems a tempest in a spitpot. He doesn't like the press. So? Most players don't. Others, like Montero, love the press because they give mindless cretins like him a forum to pontificate about shit he is oblivious to like professionalism and sportsmanship.
Fuck that clown.

As for the press; slag Puig allyou want as you chase Jeter from Scranton to New York like teenagers in hot pursuit of Beiber. If Puig disses Ken Robothal (that Romo loving,Pee-Wee look-alike), he gets 100 more points on my legend-o-meter. The press ain't gonna get us to the World Series, but a kid with 5 tools and a ton of heart with a little distrust of the press (probably because he was raised in a Communist country that controlled all media -bet the press forgot about that one) might just help us get there for the first time since 1988.

Party on, Yasiel. Party on, Hanley.

RB OUT! (drops mic)

QuadSevens said...

@rbnlaw *like*

rbnlaw said...

Thanks, Q.

As if Robothal wants to prove my point, he wrecks himself reporting about Jeter returning to the Yanks today.

oohoohoohoohoohoohooh! #Horshack

Paul said...

Donde esl Sir Spank O Lot?

Paul said...
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spank said...

i heart rbnlaw