Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holy Shit, MLB.com Badges Are Back

Well, sort of. Except that the new mlb.com badges, as debuted in tonight's All-Star Game on mlb.com Gameday, are now used in a game of bingo:

Holy smokes, this is huge! It looks like this is only for the All-Star Game; not sure if we'll see this in the second half of the season.

The Grand Prize (1 winner) is two tickets to a 2012 World Series game, plus air transportation and a two-night hotel stay. 1000 First Prizes will also give away a one-day MLB.TV subscription (whoop de frickin' doo). If I'm reading the instructions correctly, winners will be randomly selected from bingo winners.

And as of this writing (midway through the game), I'm a couple squares away from BINGO on two of the cards; either an AL or NL stolen base will give me five in a row). Stay tuned!

UPDATE 6:57p: Here's my MLB (All-Star Game) card. I'm not close on the AL card.



Steve Sax said...

A Jeter K would now also give me a BINGO

Steve Sax said...

Steal, Chipper! Steal!!!

Steve Sax said...


Sax is outta here