Tuesday, July 17, 2012

At-Game Recap: "Hands Off My Ramen, Be-Yatch"

My weekend - by the DelinO.

Saturday I got up at 5am to catch the first train down to Comic-Con.

Note: I remember the white dude from Prometheus. But not the hot lab technicians. Maybe they're from the European cut.

Sunday I got up the crack of the dawn with the family to celebrate my son's 4th Birthday at Disneyland.

I barely slept last night to boot - and I was more awake than all of the Dodgers combined. My memory of this game will never be found in the boxscore. Think we lost by a run, and had the tying run on third when Papelbon closed the game out.

Nope, this game was the night I was surrounded by killjoys and thieves.

And worst of all, Philly fans.

First, the killjoy.

I'm not a fan of Beach Balls, and plan to raise my boys to understand that they only belong at Phish concerts. But why hand the ball over to security and kill everyone's mellow.

Most nights, this would be the lamest person in my vicinity (unless I'm seeing the game with Sax:-). To quote Yoda "There. Is. Another."

Earlier in the night, I had emotionally prepared myself for no Bobble Heads or Beach Chairs, when I walked past the Nongshim booth...

...took cues from the kids ahead of me and rigged my spin of the wheel

...and won the Bowl Noodle Soup Prize Pack!!!

As I got ready to leave the game, my lucky Bowl of Noodles bag was missing. High and low I looked, until I spotted it on the girl's seat next to me. I proceded to chastise her for failed attempt to STEAL my Ramen. Probably a little louder than I needed to for $3 worth of goods. But F Her.

As I exited, a few of my neighbors shook their head at this classless individual who attempted to steal freeze dried noodles from the DelinO family's mouths. I'm not sure what the rest of my section did to this harlot when I left.

Nor do I care. For this Bowl Noodle Soup will be that much sweeter with the tastes of VICTORY and JUSTICE FOR ALL!


Alex said...

don't get caught slippin(') or yo ramen be jacked, see?


Alex said...

+1 for being a cool dad

spank said...

Times is tough when there's a need to steal ramen.

Steve Sax said...

you could have at least left the woman the MSG