Monday, July 30, 2012

Dempster Getting Closer, Again?

Is that a dumpster getting closer?

Word's breaking that the momentum to get Ryan Dempster to the Dodgers has picked up steam, as the Cubs' leverage dwindles with both the player, and the clock, working against them:

Still hoping to add a starting pitcher, the Dodgers continue to engage the Cubs in discussions for Ryan Dempster and indications are that those talks are gaining momentum, according to sources.

The fact that the Cubs have yet to deal remains one of the biggest surprises with Tuesday's non-waivers trade deadline now barely more than 24 hours away, and after declining the trade to the Braves, Dempster could in the end get his wish and be on the way to Los Angeles.

The Cubs initially wanted Zach Lee, a top prospect deemed off limits by the Dodgers, who also nixed a Cubs request for right-hander Allen Webster. And the Dodgers initially appeared more interested in Cubs right-hander Matt Garza than in Dempster.

But a couple of things have changed. Chicago clearly lost leverage when Dempster nixed the Braves deal. And Garza became less attractive after his latest start had to be pushed back to later this week when an MRI exam revealed a "trace" of fluid in his right triceps. Garza had complained of cramping in his right forearm.

So now we might not have to give up Zach Lee? Cool.

UPDATE 3:41p: Buster Olney says Dempster in mirror is not as close as it appears. "[T]here hasn't been any recent dialogue between LAD/Cubs." Hmm, because that's not what ESPN Chicago reporter Bruce Levine just wrote. Maybe you two guys should IM each other over the ESPN intranet and work things out.


Pride of Dong said...

Told you Garza was unavailable, It's the one time I had inside info on the Trade Rumors...

Steve Sax said...

Womens basketball: USA 85, Angola 36 late in the game

Dusty Baker said...

Streak with the pillow talk scoop.