Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olney Says Dodgers Will Be Aggressive; Aramis Ramirez Potential 3B Beyond Headley

Two trade-deadline pieces from ESPN. The first is Buster Olney, saying that the Dodgers are only behind the Tigers and Red Sox as the most aggressive team at this year's deadline (link insider only):

In my opinion, the Dodgers' new ownership shouldn't feel pressure to make the playoffs. The question that should be asked, in the midst of L.A.'s month-long slump, should not be "What the hell is wrong with this team?" Rather, it should be, "How the heck did these guys win so many games early?"

It's a flawed team, and the new ownership really hasn't had much time to apply its vision of roster reformation. Overpaying to improve the 2012 Dodgers feels like an overreaction.

But L.A. is being aggressive in trying to make the team better. Other execs continue to view the Dodgers as the front-runners to land Dempster. The club's new owners seem intent on bolstering the team after its improbable early success.

Yeah, it's easy to look at the last stretch of seven wins in 26 games, and think that the beginning of this season was a fluke. But I'm not so sure. If we can get another arm, plus power at one if not both of the infield corners, I think we're easy winners of the NL West.

And speaking of power at the corners: Jim Bowden says that if not Chase Headley, we could go for the Brewers' Aramis Ramirez to upgrade over the pile of goo (link insider only):

The San Diego Padres have fielded offers for both Carlos Quentin and Huston Street, but they haven’t received an offer yet that they can even debate internally for the very reasons I just outlined above. On the other hand, the Padres have at least six teams banging on the door for third baseman Chase Headley because he offers a club two more years of control. The Baltimore Orioles and Dodgers have been the most aggressive. However, there are many moving parts to this deal, so it might have to wait until the final week before the deadline. The Dodgers have made third base their top priority. Besides Headley, they are trying to find a match with the Milwaukee Brewers for Aramis Ramirez.