Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dodgers Crush Dempster Deal; Rangers Dive Right In

Crushed dumpster, get it?

Ryan Dempster will not be a Dodger, after the Dodgers held firm and refused to trade pitching prospect Allen Webster. So the Rangers picked Ryan up:

The Texas Rangers acquired Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster just before Tuesday's non-waiver trade deadline for two players, multiple sources told ESPN.com.

Source confirm the Los Angeles Dodgers pulled out of Dempster talks when the Cubs refused to budge on the inclusion of Allen Webster in the deal. The Dodgers remained adamant they would not trade their second-best pitching prospect for a two- month rental.

The Dodgers were Dempster's top choice, but Dempster told ESPNChicago.com's Bruce Levine shortly before the deadline that he would approve a trade to the Rangers or New York Yankees.

photo swiped from this flickr account