Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here's Your Chance To Give More On The Field Than Juan Uribe

Albeit not in sweat, for most of you. But the Dodgers are putting on a workout at the Stadium, led by Don Mattingly, for season ticket holders tonight:

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers will hold a Dodger Stadium workout Thursday night that is closed to the public, but open to season-ticket holders.

Delivering on the promise of re-establishing the connection between the club and its fans, management has invited season-ticket holders to attend the prep for the second half that opens Friday night against the Padres, with Matt Kemp in the lineup.

Club president Stan Kasten will speak to the fans before manager Don Mattingly runs the club through a workout.

David Siegel, senior director of ticket sales, said the invitation is an added benefit to being a season-ticket holder.

"New ownership has delivered on the things it said it would do from the start, and that resonates with the fans," said Siegel. "Add to that the club's performance in the first half, which has exceeded expectations and gotten a lot of traction with the fans."

Imagine the possibilities! You could be spotted by Ned Colletti and tell him you're a former Giant, and he'd probably sign you on the spot!