Sunday, July 01, 2012

Breakfast Near The Stadium (July 1, 2012)

In the depths of the Dodgers' lows, it's heartening to see the faithful, still adorning Dodgers shirts, in numbers at Philippe's. I counted at least five Dodgers fans there this morning.

Go Blue!


BJ Killeen said...

Hey, I'd like to d a little reminiscing:

Remember a long time ago, when we had a team that knew what a bat was for? Yeah, I remember those days.

Hey, and remember that guy who used to hit home runs? What was his name again? Oh, yeah, Matt something.

And remember when the Dodgers used to throw balls and get guys out who were stealing bases?

Yeah, I kinda remember those, they were fun.

Oh, and remember when we had pitchers that threw strikes? Yeah, that was great...

Gosh, I even took a picture when the stats leaders were all Dodgers! Remember that? Do you? You may not be old enough....but those sure were some great days, and great memories...

They say you can never go back again. I hope that's not true.