Sunday, July 01, 2012

At-Game Recap:

When is a victory not a victory? Even with allegiances that lean to the other coast, there was very little to crow about. (Sure, two three-hitters in a row is nice to witness, but against these Dodgers it just feels cruel.)

Didn't stop the Gameday experience from being Grade A. Though I had to wait for two innings till Delino Jr. woke up.

Thankfully, the always welcome sight of SoSG's third favorite Nebraskan TODD got me ready for the game.

Thanks to the generosity of a family friend, the seats were even better than the mighty Sax's. Not to mention, I got to sit with an actual female SoSG Reader (!) who also roots for the NY Giants (!!). Todd and I were close enough to heckle, but with our host in attendance, kept it classy.

Speaking of SoSG's ninth favorite Son, Sax's snack of choice gave me pause. And more than a little bit of nausea.

Yes, those are crickets. Sax is a mensch, and offered them to everyone sitting nearby. I'm a mensch as well, and avoided retching until I was out of sight.

The commentary of the game ranged from the Academy Award chances of "TED," the massive surge in attendance anytime to the Dodgers give away trinkets, Elvis being a poor substitute for the Don't Stop Believing Guy and this newest costumed wannabe in the Loge.

There was also a game, which apparently was news to the Dodgers. To say there's a lack of energy or drive on this team barely covers it. Mental errors. Nothing resembling a hit. And when will Dee Gordon learn how to lay down a frikkin' bunt. Or as Todd now labels him "Commissioner (of Suck) Gordon."

Look for me tomorrow, getting my Hello Kitty on in whatever seats I can get that are not Reserve or Top Deck, wearing my Mets cap while using my son as a shield.


Steve Sax said...

Great to see you at the "game" yesterday, DD.

You too, Dusty!

Wear some sunscreen today!

Dusty Baker said...

Thanks for all the crickets, Sax!

Thanks for nothing, DD!

Neeebs (The Original) said...

My lizard eats crickets. Ergo, Sax is a lizard.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

And i am the lizard king.

Dusty, i heard you were at the game.

(Awkward pause)

DodgersKingsoftheGalaxy said...

I am offended at the lack of blurry faces!
They got rid of the don't stop believin guy?? Holy Shit! I might actually go to a game now.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Galaxy - All I know is that for a while there, every time DSBG showed up on the screen, the Dodgers came back.

Elvis and the mystery caped man brought none of that luck to mudville.