Monday, October 31, 2011

Bye Bye, Barajas?

Steve Dilbeck of the LA Times reports that the Dodgers, beset with ten free agentss (the most in baseball, mind you), will likely not re-sign catcher Rod Barajas and instead will try and "go young" behind the plate:

Of the Dodgers’ 10 free agents, only one –- catcher Rod Barajas -– is thought to project as a Type B free agent, which could provide a team a supplemental draft pick if the Dodgers offer arbitration.

Of course, what the Dodgers can do financially is the great unknown. The team remains tied up in bankruptcy court. The team and Major League Baseball are reportedly working on a settlement. Their trial is currently scheduled to start Nov. 29.

Barajas, 36, earned $3.25 million last season with a one-year contract. The Dodgers are looking at going young behind the plate and not expected to offer him arbitration.

I suppose we're going to see that Tim Federowicz guy hell or highwater. After giving away Trayvon Robinson to get him, I'm not all that surprised I suppose.


Johnny Blanchard said...

I'd rather keep Rod Barajas, one of our few power sources. As for Trayvon Robinson, I don't know why anybody's so upset about losing him. He's a toolsy heap of projectability. Omigosh, he hit a home run the day we traded him.

Seriously, has anyone bothered to look at what he did after we traded him? .586 OPS anyone?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Derek Lowe traded to Cleveland.


Wicks said...

The number one free agent we can get this off-season is: a new owner.

Fred's Brim said...

Seems like a dumb move to me. Going young is great when you have someone to go young with. You know what you are getting with Rod as a hitter. But he is also fairly cheap and seems like a good guy to have around.

If you are stuck on using Federowicz, dump Ellis and give him a few more of Barajas' starts

What worries me most is how the pitchers will fare with Ellis and Federowicz. I worry that two inexperienced guys will hurt the pitching staff over the course of a season. But maybe I am putting too much stock in how a catcher "handles pitchers."

Johnny Blanchard said...

Yeah, you are Fred.