Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brewers Already Preparing For Post-Prince Period

I'm still biased toward Albert Pujols, but if we're going to get a new first baseman, Prince Fielder wouldn't be such a bad choice either. And the Brewers are already getting mentally prepared for his loss:

MILWAUKEE (AP)—Milwaukee Brewers general manager Doug Melvin said it’s hard for any team to improve on a franchise-record 96-win season and an NL Central title. It will be even harder if they lose Prince Fielder(notes) in free agency.

“It was a special year for all of us, a special year for a lot of the players, too,” Melvin said Wednesday. “There wasn’t a whole lot of people that picked us to go to the World Series or to even win our division.”

Milwaukee lost to St. Louis in the NL championship series on Sunday night, finishing with two error-filled flops after being within two games of reaching the World Series.

“I’m not going to feel lousy about two or three bad games,” Melvin said. “I feel disappointed, but I’m not going to feel lousy about it.”

Melvin declined to answer most questions about Fielder and potential negotiations with the soon-to-be free agent because his staff is still in the process of evaluating the season. Melvin said he hasn’t had any conversations yet with Fielder’s agent, Scott Boras.

The Brewers will have an exclusive window of five days after the World Series ends to negotiate with Fielder, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll immediately make an offer.

Melvin said he plans to meet with principal owner Mark Attanasio and manager Ron Roenicke in a few weeks in Los Angeles to map out a strategy. Attanasio has said the Brewers will be part of the “sweepstakes” to sign the 27-year-old first baseman.

Hmm. Melvin will be out in LA "mapping out a strategy" for Fielder? Let's hope Fielder isn't on the same flight out west (or at least has a concealing set of sunglasses and a good disguise).