Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bryan Stow Movin' On Out

From "Bryan Stow out of hospital, in rehab" (AP/

The San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten outside Dodgers Stadium was transferred to a rehabilitation facility Tuesday after nearly seven months in hospitals, doctors said. [...]

"Bryan has been an extremely challenging patient," said Dr. Geoff Manley, who is the hospital's chief of neurosurgery and has been overseeing Stow's care. "It has been a roller coaster, but he is young and strong and has made tremendous advances."

Stow's family recently reported on its website that he is speaking and moving his limbs again.

Manley said Tuesday that Stow is "starting to get up but not quite walking."

Best news of the day. It's only one step on a long road to recovery, but progress is progress. Best wishes to the Stow family.


Nostradamus said...

There's nothing I can say here to offset the fact that I share a city and team with the pricks responsible, but here's wishing Brian good luck and better days ahead anyway.