Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Baseball Fan Archetypes

Jason Gay of the WSJ's Sports Page had an amusing article on the types of baseball fans, categorized into eight (really, seven) types of fans. As I'm still getting chills from the awesomeness of the last day of the regular season, I'm sure I'm "The Hardcore":

The Hardcore

Needs no postseason introduction. Deeply engaged since the season's beginning. Spent two-thirds of marriage nest egg on solo spring training research trip to the Grapefruit League. Sabermetric tendencies, but not a cliche. Thinks Clayton Kershaw should win NL Cy Young, end of story (Halladay, Schmalladay). Torn about the idea of adding an additional wild card. Once saw Bud Selig eating yogurt at an airport.

However, there was a nice sentence in another archetype's description which I liked (emphasis mine):

The Shameless Late Arrival

Proudly tells everyone in the office he or she doesn't "pay attention until October." Keeps asking where the Red Sox are and why Cliff Lee is back on the Phillies. Constantly checking smartphone for NFL and "Game of Thrones" news. Still thinks Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly are together. Predicts Phillies will win the Series because of pitching. Number of Phillies games viewed this regular season: zero. Claims to be locked in and excited, but would miss a Game 7 for tickets to "Dolphin Tale."

I may not be late to the game. But I do enjoy noticing the Red Sox's absence.


Fred's Brim said...

I think I am closest to The Bitter Boycotter, except without the bitterness or watching any of the games