Friday, April 01, 2011

Spotlight On: Jimbo Connors

Name: Jimmy "Jimbo" Connors

Occupation: retired professional tennis player

Joined Jimbo Empire: 2009

Jimbo Connors, eight-time Grand Slam Tennis Champion, finally joined the Jimbo empire in 2009 after a three-year, controversy-filled acceptance process. Shortly following his initial recruitment in early 2006, an anonymous letter was received by the Jimbo Board or Directors, clearly hinting at a fee-for-allegiance arrangement. Due to this obvious insult to the Empire, communication was cut off from Connors, and the Board voted unanimously to forever blacklist Connors from any association with the Empire. Then, two years later in the summer of 2008, Connors himself contacted the Empire inquiring if he could be considered for membership, apparently unaware of his prior recruitment and the ill-fated fee request. After being informed, a bewildered and visibly upset Connors stated that his former agent and renown non-Jimbo Marquis McBlyler must have acted alone in soliciting the fee. Connors re-iterated his desire to join the Jimbos.

After a full review by the Board, Connors was finally accepted into the Jimbo Empire on January 30, 2009. Connors requested the particular day as his induction as it came on the 35th anniversary of what he had considered the most important achievement of his life - his first Grand Slam Championship at the 1974 Australian Open.

Since he was accepted into the Jimbo Empire, Connors' Australian Open Championship still remains the second most important achievement of his life.