Sunday, April 03, 2011

Et Tu, Brute?

The Mets tend to be easier targets for popshots than Rebecca Black, Charlie Sheen and well, the New York Mets put together. (BTW - Word is Sheen's one man show is a mess. Didn't see that coming). But now, the attacks are coming from within.

Mets fans are used to their team getting mocked, just not by their own TV crew. Mets broadcast officials were angrier yesterday than K-Rod at a family reunion, after a TV technician played an insulting audio clip from the show "Family Guy" over shots of the Amazin's walking off the field after Friday's season-opening defeat. The brief clip interrupted the doleful voice of Mets announcer Gary Cohen, as he gave the unhappy recap of the 6-2 drubbing by the Florida Marlins.

Not that this was the first time Family Guy's taken a shot at the Mutts.

Hope the technician got a real good laugh. You know what else is funny in 2011? (Besides "Mike Pelfrey, DeFacto Ace")


spank said...

Rodney Dangerfield is my Homeboy

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

@Spank - I once edited some of Rodney's home movies. He had a fondness for OPEN ROBES and NO SHAME.
Some things can't be unseen.

"What's a bath without bubbles. Bubbles, get over here!"

spank said...

I also have a fondness for open robes and no shame.

"Hey,on me, Shakespeare for everyone.I'd like to tame your shrew"