Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dodgers Exclude Beer From Half-Price Promotion

Announced today at 5p, the Dodgers will not include half-price beer as part of its Half-Price Food and Drink promotion, affecting six mid-week day games this year:

LOS ANGELES -- Half-price alcoholic beverages are no longer part of the Dodgers' Half Price Food & Drink Promotion, set to begin with the game against the Atlanta Braves on Thursday, April 21, the team announced today. The six-game promotion that runs throughout the season will continue to include half-price food and soft drinks and a half-price six-game ticket package is also available at

The promotion is set to take place at six midweek day games throughout the 2011 season. At each of these games, Dodger players will wear 1940s retro uniforms, voted on by the fans during the offseason. The beginning of the promotion on April 21 coincides with the Dodgers' first-ever franchise victory on that same date in 1890 and the victory came against the same opponent the Dodgers will face this year -- the Braves.

I had advocated for this on Monday, a position which was pretty strongly resisted by most of the readers who commented on that post. I recognize and acknowledge that it's an unpopular stance. But in the wake of the tragic Brian Stow incident, I still maintain it's the right decision for the Dodgers to make, from both a security and public relations issue.

Look, I like beer. And I like beer at Dodger games. And I love the idea of half-price beer at Dodger games. But this is one of those times when I can pay a couple extra bucks, in the name of decency and the reputation of the franchise.

More later.


MR.F said...

It sounds like a good idea to me, too.

Fred's Brim said...

There should never be beer promotions. It sounds nice, but it's never a good idea