Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Brilliant Column on The Cardinal Way vs. Red Sox Nation

Pitchers & Poets is back (at The Classical)! And Eric Nusbaum has written another insightful piece, one that puts baseball worship in its place. Not even going to quote from it because you should read the whole thing:


Dusty Baker said...

Driving home, I heard Mike Metheny interviewed and sure as the sun comes up, he said his strategy for tomorrow night's game was for his club to go out and play the game the right way.

I want to shove the right way up his ass, sideways.

rbnlaw said...

"It is Midwestern American solidity projected onto baseball. In other words, it is a belief system, artificial as any other. The Cardinals are not substantially different from other Major League Baseball clubs. Their players still make errors. Their fans still shout inappropriate things at inappropriate times. Their scouts on occasion misevaluate talented prospects. In the end, the Cardinal Way is just believing in the Cardinal Way."

I believe this destroys the "mystique" surrounding that club aptly.

Fred's Brim said...
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Fred's Brim said...

It's actually a really nice cover for when you lose. You can say "at least we played the right way" even though you may not have. If it was us getting picked off base during a critical time in a postseason game, the story is "what was he thinking? They are undisciplined and don't understand the game situation."
For them it's "he made a mistake trying to make something happen. Mistakes will happen. At least they played the right way."