Monday, October 21, 2013

Mattingly Increases Heat On Dodgers

"I am not a happy man right now."

Don Mattingly is apparently not too happy with his $1.4M option extension. Which may be understandable, to be fair. But what's curious is, he's talking about his concerns publicly:

LOS ANGELES -- Dodgers manager Don Mattingly announced Monday that his 2014 contract option vested with a first-round playoff victory over the Atlanta Braves but that he remains unsure of whether he'll be back with the team next season.

Mattingly said he felt the organization put him in a difficult position in the Dodgers' clubhouse by making him manage this past season in the final year of his contract.

"When you're put in this situation, the organization basically says, 'We don't know if you can manage or not,'" Mattingly said. "So, that's the position I've been in all season long, so that's not a great position for me as a manager. That's the way it is, that's the way the organization wanted it last year, that's fine."

Mattingly's option, reportedly worth $1.4 million, would put him in line to return, but the team has made no announcement about his future. A team source indicated last week that Mattingly would return, but after Mattingly's comments, that might not happen unless the sides can work out a multiyear deal.

Well I guess that series win over the Braves was pretty critical after all, from Mattingly's perspective. I don't want an angry Donnie lurking around the Dodgers, and at this stage I'm also not warm to a toothpick-chewing, Russ-Ortiz-game-ball-giving-too-early alternative. So let's hope this all gets resolved so people can focus on more pressing issues.

Like signing Clayton Kershaw.

(By the way, make sure to click the above link to watch the ESPN video of the press conference, which includes Ned Colletti, seated beside Mattingly, doing his impression of Grumpy Cat.)

UPDATE 8:11p: Apparently, with 55K votes in, 46% of ESPN fans think Mattingly should get a multi-year deal, while 36% of fans think he should manage in his one-year option. There's another contingent of almost 20% who think the Dodgers should get a new manager altogether.

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Cliff Beefpile said...

As much as I'd like to see Wallach get the gig, I doubt they're gonna go with another first-timer...IF Mattingly leaves. Who's available, besides The Toothpick?

Hideo Nomo said...

I'm really thinking he walks. He did not have the tone of someone who's expecting a deal to get done. And the Guggs certainly don't want to look like they give out long-term deals to people who pout.

I feel bad it got to this, because I really like Donnie. The new ownership were probably better off cleaning house in the front office and coaching staff (with the exception of the PR and social media folk who are so cool to us) when they first came in, rather than keep on McCourt hires like Ned and Donnie. Clean break!

Paul said...

I got a bad feeling about this...

Dusty Baker said...

Respectfully disagree re Wallach. All props to him, and there's only positive upside with him. it would be a step back to square one with a promising, yet untested new manager to tackle a team with huge a payroll and even bigger expectations.

When replacing a manager, he needs to be replaced with someone at least as good and hopefully better. Not sure Wallach fits this criteria.

Steve Sax said...

cc: lane kiffin

Neeebs (The Original) said...

I like Wallach. Donnie...not so much. Donnie is a nice guy, good clubhouse guy, but a poor field manager.

Dusty Baker said...

Trey Hillman fired. That's the move that will propel us to glory next season!