Thursday, October 10, 2013

At-Game Recap (Part 2): Photos From The Clincher (NLDS Game 4, October 7, 2013)

Putting up my at-game photos on the same day that we post a slew of great pictures from the speedy shutter of Scott Killeen would be like sending David Carpenter out to the mound, late in a must-win game, instead of Craig Kimbrel.

Too soon?

Well then. Without further ado, here's my photos from NLDS Game 4 at the Stadium:

First pitch of the game, from Clayton Kershaw.

First beer run of the game...and guess who I bumped into: UCLA basketball star Lorenzo Mata! Man, he is tall.

Back to the action on the field.

THIS should be the only bunting we should be seeing in the game! (Hat tip for this joke: SoSG Dusty Baker)

"Soak this in, kid. This game is a classic."

The Killeens are indeed seen.

Pau Gasol hanging out with Magic Johnson.

Let the post-game, post-clinch, post-NLDS revelry begin!

Post-game interviews and hijinks.

Confetti streamers, caught on the wire.

Party on the field!

One last shot on the way out of the first-base side Field Level gate. The auxilliary scoreboards were showing NLCS logos, animated. My camera couldn't pick that image up.

Next up: Some videos (stay tuned)!

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Fred's Brim said...

is that a Joyce DeWitt jersey in the second-to-last picture?

Steve Sax said...

Yeah, I had noticed that during the game. Weird.

Couldn't find the Ritter or Somers jerseys nearby.