Monday, October 14, 2013

Stay Classy, Red Sox Fan

From "Angry Red Sox fan thrown out for HR ball toss also allegedly ranted racist remarks" by Jeff Passan at Yahoo! Sports:

BOSTON – The fan who ripped a home run ball out of a woman's hands and threw it back onto the field allegedly spent Game 2 of the American League Championship Series uttering racist remarks, including a parting shot to an African-American man as he was ejected from Fenway Park: "Bye, Trayvon."

The man was not immediately identified, and stadium security declined to provide his name. But fans in Section 42 of the stadium confirmed that he directed multiple slurs at 25-year-old Angelo Sikoutris, a Detroit Tigers fan from Brooklyn, including a reference to Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager whose shooting death sparked a national firestorm and prompted fierce debate about modern-day racism. [...]

Sikoutris, who attended the game with his father, wore a Prince Fielder jersey, which prompted the man to allegedly call him "Prince Fielder's crackhead brother." In addition, Sikoutris said, the man yelled at another African-American Tigers fan 8:walking through the section, saying: "Go back to the ghetto."

Another fan near the altercation, Dan Cook, confirmed Sikourtis' account, as did a woman who declined to provide her name.

Security led the man and a woman, who fans said attended the game with him in Row 5 of Section 42, out through the stadium's Gate C. On the way out, Sikoutris, who fans said had been level-headed dealing with the man, said: "Bye-bye."

The response from the man: "Bye, Trayvon."


Dusty Baker said...

Not a fan of calling out one idiot at a game like that. I'm sure I could go to a Dodgers game - or to any other game in any other park - and catch some fool saying something racist, but it wouldn't and shouldn't reflect on the vast majority of the rest of the crowd who didn't think that way.