Friday, October 11, 2013

We Need a Recall Effort for Lame St. Louis Mayor

Per the Pasadena Star-News:
Mayor Eric Garcetti reached out to St. Louis’ four-term Mayor Francis G. Slay to stake a claim on the outcome of the National League Championship Series between the Dodgers and the Cardinals.

But rather than a bet involving food, he’s offering up that the mayor of the losing city should visit the other city to perform an agreed-upon public-service project.

“We can do some work together to clean up or serve some meals,” Garcetti said.

Alas, Garcetti did not have a taker, as Slay spokeswoman Maggie Crane said the mayor has decided not to accept the ante.

“We’ve had all sorts of success over the years, and the Cardinals spoil us,” Crane said. ”The mayor is tired of collecting on all these bets. We appreciate it, but sorry, no more bets.
Mayor Garcetti should boycott all Budweiser imports from St. Louis until diplomatic ties are normalized, including likely-over-done-but-still-good-natured-mayor-to-mayor-bets-om-playoff-outcomes.

UPDATE: Here's the punk-ass. From his website:

"Mayor Slay's priorities include making neighborhoods safer, bringing more and better jobs to St. Louis, creating a more sustainable City, and giving parents the educational options they deserve."

How's that going for you, Mayor?

Yeah, I went there.


BJ Killeen said...

Losers the St. Louis Cards are...

BJ Killeen said...

Dusty, you are the best!