Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Post-NLCS Game 5 Thread: Not Dead Yet


The Dodgers batboys finally tapped into the secret vault of Dodgers humidor-controlled bats today, as the Dodgers--homerless in the first four games of this series--opened up the whupping sticks with four shots today, two off the bat of Adrian Gonzalez, coupled with four-baggers from A.J. Ellis and Carl Crawford. All four of these shots came with no one on base, which was the bummer. But these home runs, over the course of six innings, turned a 2-2 tie into a 6-2 lead.

The Dodgers ended up needing this insurance gap as the Cardinals scored two in the ninth to add some worry, but Kenley Jansen got Adron Chambers looking to seal the victory and send the series back to St. Louis.

Zack Greinke was awesome today. After loading the bases in the first inning, Greinke emerged unscathed thanks to a nice Juan Uribe-led GIDP, and then Greinke looked pretty sharp from there on save the third inning, when Carlos Beltran and Matt Holliday strung consecutive XBH to let the Cardinals tie the game. Greinke went seven full innings, striking out four and allowing only one walk. And, Greinke added a RBI single of his own. Not a bad day for the Dodgers.

Let's hope the equipment manager packs these same bats on the flight to St. Louis. Dodgers have to win them both. But after today's outburst, there's much more confidence that we can do it. Let's take those bats to the Cards, in all the ways we can.


Dusty Baker said...

Let's hope that we pack some bats that we can use to beat the shit out of Joe Kelly in the back alley while we're in St. Louis.

Steve Sax said...

Breaking out the whupping sticks on Kelly was some of the best panacea. However I would have been fine taking it to Kelly's ribs, as well.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Gotta keep scoring runs for Kershaw.

BJ Killeen said...

While we are at it, let's have a blanket party for the TBS announcers also.

Paul said...

Think we win game 6 but worried cause a lot of experts think so as well and it seems like the team who is suppose to win the next game doesn't in this series.

Dusty Baker said...

I am feeling way too god damned confident for Game 6.