Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Cape Is Entering the Cave

Remember Thomas Roberts? We interviewed him and he became one of the lucky nine to make it into this season's MLB Fan Cave. (Not saying there's a direct correlation, but it does make one wonder....)

Somewhere along the line "Thomas" became "Aaron," but he's still the same ol' cape-wearing Dodger Blue fan representing L.A. in the Cave. Check out his official profile:

Aaron Roberts, 28, is a Los Angeles Dodgers Fan from Huntington Beach, Calif., where he recently picked up a guitar and started a pop/punk band with his best friend. Aaron will be leaving behind his life as a substitute high school teacher to join the MLB Fan Cave. He graduated from Cal State Long Beach where fellow alumni include current MLB players Evan Longoria, Jason Vargas and Jered Weaver. During his MLB Fan Cave campaign, he trotted around Los Angeles on his motorcycle with a giant Dodgers flag fashioned into a cape.

Congrats again, Aaron!



Pistol Pete Reiser said...

I got an issue with any verbiage that describes a Dodgers fan with the word "giant".

Dusty Baker said...


What about "SoSG Dusty Baker has a giant johnson."

Fred's Brim said...

SoSG Dusty Baker has a giant liver due to a severe drinking problem

Pistol Pete Reiser said...

As I typed that yesterday, I thought.. "hmmm, wonder if there'll be any penile references to follow..."

Dusty ftw!