Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baseball Predictions, Part 2: Sports Illustrated (Again)

Here's why SI thinks the Dodgers won't win the World Series in 2013 (a photo essay in which each of the 30 teams has an entry):

Los Angeles Dodgers

As the Dodgers take over the major league lead for payroll, it's worth noting that the Yankees are just 1-for-their-last-12 in converting the biggest bucks to the big prize. The Dodgers have over $300 million worth of future commitments to an outfield that features two players coming off major surgeries and one who can't hit lefties -- so of course they're likely to farm out the guy hitting .526. (SI's Experts Predictions)

photo: Paul Sancya, AP


Dusty Baker said...

Dodgers just posted a picture of the Yard and I can report THE BUNTING IS UP. Shit is ON, bishes!