Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just This Once You're Allowed to Feel Good About Something Giants-Related

Shawon Dunston is an instructor for the Giants, and his son Shawon Jr. is a prospect for the Cubs. The two teams faced off in spring training yesterday and Shawon Jr. got a single off Sergio Romo. Giants beat writer Andrew Baggarly summed it up:
A hit. In a major league exhibition. Off the guy who threw the clinching pitch in the last World Series. And with your dad watching it all in the other dugout.

After the game, father and son embraced on the field. And Dunston Sr. had to reach up and stick a finger under his wraparound sunglasses to wipe away tears.

By the time we reporters were through getting the postgame update from Bochy, Dunston Sr. already had boarded the Giants bus. Bochy, who had his own son in camp earlier this spring, knew what a special moment this was. So he went on board and told Shawon Sr. to come out and give us a comment.

"I can't make the bus late," he told us.

We just wanted to know what that was like, one of us asked.

"I'm very proud ... very proud," Dunston said.

Then he started to lose it. So without warning, he turned and sprinted back onto the bus.

And that pretty much said it all.

The whole story's worth a read. Then...the HATE can resume!