Friday, March 01, 2013

Spring Training Pre Game Day 3

Getting out of the car at 9am, my wife was looking down when she heard a voice.  Not just any voice, but the Dodger voice.  She said, hey that sounds like Vin Scully.  And looking up, there he was, getting out of his car. There was a golf cart waiting to take him inside.  My wife was about to snap some pictures of him and in unison with mama Cora, say "Good Morning, Mr Scully".  It sounded like a classroom of kids when the school teacher walks into a room.  Of course, Vin said "Good Morning" right back.  That right there was the highlight of the day - and it was only 9 am.

This last day was a lot warmer and a lot less crowded, being the weekday.  Now that I knew what the schedule was like, I was able to meet some of the players and get some autographs.  One guy was yelling for Kershaw to sign his jersey.  He yelled out "Clayton, I'll give you 20 bucks if you sign my jersey!"  Kershaw went over to him, took the twenty dollars and signed his jersey.  Then he turn around to the other side and gave the twenty dollars to a little girl.  It was hilarious.   

OMG, its Vin. 
Made our day.

Good Morning Mr. Scully!

I think JP Howell going through some drills.
Ronald Bellisario

Brandon League going through the drill.

Matt Magill signing autographs.  He pitched the day before and was really sharp.

League signing autographs.  Does he or Sellers have more tattoos?

Ted Lilly walking by.

Carl Crawford signing autographs. Dont injury that wrist doing so! 
Mark McGwire signs a lot of stuff.
Up close with a bundled up Mark McGwire.

Davy Lopes

Don Mattingly getting to work.  Didn't stop before practice, but put his hands out to high five people as he ran by.  However, after practice he signed a lot and was really nice. 

Manny Mota and his bike.  He says to drop stuff in his basket and he will sign it when he gets back.  Pretty funny.

Tommy Lasorda set up a table to sign autographs. 

Mota returning with the signed goods in the basket.

JP Howell.

Clayton Kershaw getting mobbed.