Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baseball Predictions, Part 5: Jim Bowden Goes Bold's Jim Bowden always puts up some bold predictions for what might take place this season. And one of them involves the Dodgers (link insider only):

5. Yasiel Puig comes up as an injury replacement, and “Yasielmania” ensues.

Puig was the most dynamic player I saw all spring and reminded me of a cross between Bo Jackson and Yoenis Cespedes. I wrote about his tremendous abilities in my blog last week. A Matt Kemp/Puig combination has a chance to be the best power/speed tandem in the game. Puig’s at-bats will be must-see events, and he will electrify Dodger Stadium, bringing back the memories of “Fernandomania,” when Fernando Valenzuela routinely sold out Chavez Ravine during his starts.

I wish no ill will or injury toward any of the Dodgers' three starting outfielders. That said, I'm jealous that my fellow son AC got to see Puig in action this spring...I sure would love to see Puigmania ensue, too.

photo: Mark Duncan / AP


Jared said...

Puigmania??? Whatchya gonna do when Yasiel runs wild all over you... it's YASIELMANIA. Get it straight.