Friday, March 01, 2013

Spring Training Game 3: Dodgers vs Cubs

We decided to sit somewhere else and for our final game sat up in the Legend's Deck.  It has a really neat view of the stadium as well as the mountains in the back.  Since it was a weekday game, there were not a whole lot of people in the park.  We also sat on the same level as the suites and the announcers and I said hi to Rick Monday as he walked into the AV room.  We finally saw a win, then jumped in the car for the ride home.  We stopped in Palm Springs for a nice dinner and then got home about 11 pm.

There isn 't much to do out in Glendale Arizona.  We did go into Phoenix for dinner one night.  We could have planned it so that we would have made a Suns game, but we were pretty tired already.  If you are a hockey fan, the Coyotes play in Glendale at Jobing arena.  There is also a outlet mall and a McFarlane Store for you comic book and vinyl figure collectors.  Overall, we had a great time.  Hopefully we will be able to make it back next year.  Go Blue!

Free trolley from the Westgate mall in Glendale.

For you comic book fans, Todd McFarlane has his only store in Glendale, Az.

Hockey fan?  The Coyotes play here.

Cubs warming up.

We scored!!


Orel said...

Greinke gives up back-to-back doubles to start the game against the Padres.

Hideo Nomo said...

Down 9-3 to the Angels. Matt Palmer gave his old team a huge lift.

spank said...

Are we already in mid season form?


spank said...

shit. had to publish that twice. Google is in mid season form. Instead of a 503 i'm going on a 502.

karen said...

As usual, I'm a little behind in the comments, but I just have to add this to all of you're wonderful comments.

In a word...Vinny.

I turned on the TV the other day and heard THAT voice for the first time this season. I am not ashamed to say I teared up.His is the voice that has echoed through my life and I pray everyday for God to bless me with yet another day for it to warm my soul.

Alex Cora said...

@karen. I know exactlyl what you mean. When we were in the parking lot we just heard Vin's voice and we were all little school kids. And to have him say good morning back to us? so awesome.