Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Killeens Do Dodger Stadium, Part 2

The Dynamic Dodger Duo of BJ & Scott Killeen have struck again. Here's their take on "A Whole New Blue" Dodger Stadium (pictures and captions by Scott, grades by BJ):

"New box seats area."

"New scoreboard."

"Ethier rotation."

"Paco winning pitch."

Here's BJ:

Food Service: C
Still too slow, but Dodger Dogs were warm, albeit stuck to the buns. Jumbo Dodger Dogs, although posted on the sign, were not available, nor were the fries ready. And you could only get the commemorative cup size of sodas. This is something we hope will be remedied by Opening Day. Seriously, no fries? When did you realize there was a game that night??

Stand Vendors: D
I've never seen so many men so close to death selling peanuts, popcorn and pizza. We were waiting for them to keel over, drop dead, or break a hip. No wonder we didn't see them often; took them 15 minutes just to walk up and down the stairs.

Knowledgeable staff: D
Seriously, we were at the entrance gates on the reserve level, looking longingly out at the back side of the new giant bobblehead and asked the woman at the gate if there were any more around that were inside (we read about the new playground with them). She had NO idea where they were. Then we walked 200 feet and they were right there. Um, how about a stadium tour for the employees so when someone asks a simple question, you might be able to answer it!!

Merchandise: C
They sold out of blankets immediately, and didn't seem to have the ability to find out which stands had them, or even call some down from storage somewhere. Really? This is about some type of online system that let's you know where fans can BUY and spend their money on your items. Also, the stands stuck out in the walkways way too far, causing bottlenecks. One guy also asked a seller how come the Dodgers were wearing the gray/blue hats on Thursday. She had no idea, yet again.

New Overhead TVs: B-
Sure, there were a lot of them, but they were really small. If you're going to put them up high in the concourse, at least make them large enough to see.

New Screens: A+++++
This was the highlight of the evening. When we first got there, the screens were the same old size video, with the old-looking dot matrix on the scoreboard. Then a few innings in, they exploded glass on the screen and the all-new monitors appeared. All we can say is WOW WOW WOW..Amazing detail, awesome graphics and a couch potato's dream.

Bonus photos!

Thanks as always, Killeens! Can't wait to see it for ourselves!


Hideo Nomo said...

I'm actually kind of bummed about the loss of shaded seats on the field level. I wonder how they'll handle people hogging those tables.

BJ Killeen said...

The sit down tables were empty, and there was room at the stand up bars, as we ate our DDs there. So much better than juggling food at the seats.

I did forget to mention that there was free WiFi, but once you got on, it would bump you off and then you can't get on again. Also, it was slow. Not even worth signing on.

Dusty Baker said...

Bad report on the WiFi...let's hope they are just working out the kinks!

Hideo Nomo said...

Team already announced that improved cell service won't be in place until 2nd homestand and wi-fi won't be rolled out until June. BJ probably wasn't supposed to see whatever it is she logged into.