Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Killeens Do Dodger Stadium, Part 1

The Dynamic Dodger Duo of BJ & Scott Killeen have struck again. Here's their take on "A Whole New Blue" Dodger Stadium (except where noted, pictures and captions by Scott, grades by BJ):

(BJ sent us this bobblehead picture as a teaser.)

"Dodgers win!"

"AJ's grand slam. Not as good as spring training but I got it....shot from the bull pen section, thirteen rows up."

"Dodger dog artwork."

"Stadium still missing some screws. But it is better...."

"Dodger pizza. Might have been the youngest concession hawker we saw!"

From BJ:

I did a report card from last night's experience. Here's our results:

Parking: A
They opened the gates on time and guided us to parking spots with lots of people, just like at Disneyland. Efficient and well done.

Bathrooms: B
Men: lots of urinals, but only 4 or 5 sinks, and they were at the back of the bathroom, so they were lined up at the sinks waiting to wash hands. How about a bunch of hand sanitizer stations??

Women: New and nice, but again, only 4 sinks, no mirrors over the sinks, but one full-length mirror: not enough for women to share. Also the sinks were on one side but paper towels on other side, so water was dripped and the floor was getting dirty and slippery. Hand sanitizer stations would work here as well. Plus have them around the stadium throughout on the concourses.

They also pump sound in the bathroom but it's so loud it would make you pee in your pants...if you weren't already peeing.

New Decorations: A
Big Bobbleheads are only on the Reserve level (that we saw). Two are outside the gate, so be sure you see them before you come in (cuz you can't go in and out), and two were inside at the play area. Play area was nice, but a concrete area. Also new signs at entrance to bathrooms for anniversaries of things.

Eating areas: A
They removed some seats under the overhang on the Field level, and replaced them with tables to stand and eat and watch the field. Much easier than sitting at your seat. Some tables and umbrellas to sit at when entering at the field level.

Police Presence: A
I think there were more cops than fans. Tons of regular security as well, with patrol cars in the parking lot.

Elevators: D
Still incredibly slow and old.

Thanks, Killeens! More to come!


Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

Well done K's. I guess advise to fans is pack your own hand sanitizer and avoid the traffic jams at the sinks.

Steve Sax said...

@DBT: or, just piss in the sinks.

Hideo Nomo said...

Well, this game has sure been a barn burner.

Hideo Nomo said...


Hideo Nomo said...


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karen said...

Happiest time of the year. It's like Christmas Eve whe my bro and I were sleep we were to excited!

Thanks so much K's, your pics were like being there.

OK friends, 1 day and were on.