Thursday, March 21, 2013

In Which I React to an iPad Billboard While Waiting at a Stoplight

Hey, a new iPad billboard. Guess this one's for the Mini. Does this mean we shouldn't buy the big one? Anyhoo, looks like the woman who owns the biggie sent the Mini owner her vacation picture. Sunglasses underwater, cute. And he's sending her picture back to her, waste of bandwidth — wait, he also set her picture as his wallpaper? That's...kind of creepy. Is Apple marketing to stalkers now? Oh wait, those are a woman's hands. Does that make the wallpaper any less creepy? A little, I suppose. But still, who puts a non-family member as their — whoops, light's green!


Dusty Baker said...

When I first saw this one at Sunset and Alvarado, I was thinking, "Is the girl in the picture cute? Wait, she might be underage...hard to tell. Either way - wait, stop it!"