Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dodgers Miss Key Opportunity to Muzzle Simers

Per laobserved.com:
LA Times columnist T.J. Simers was in his hotel room at baseball spring training in Arizona last week when he started showing the signs of a transient ischemic attack. He was falling and acting confused. Simers told the Times' Dodgers beat writer Dylan Hernandez, who told team PR adviser Steve Brener, who got Simers on the phone with head trainer Sue Falsone, who listened to the symptom then sent trainer Aaron Schumacher to get the cranky sportswriter to the emergency room.
Falling and acting confused? That's what most of us do through the first three "paragraphs" of a Simers column. Much respect to Sue Falsone for doing her due diligence to make sure his life was not in danger, but I sure hope Ned and the ownership exacted a steep price for helping make sure Simers didn't swallow his own tongue. Hey, it's all about leverage, right?