Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stan, In The Place Where We Live

Got an email from Stan Kasten yesterday that oozed with transparency and sincerity so discordant with the Dodgers under prior management, that I was blown away. In it, Kasten lists a number of Stadium and experience improvements that he and the new Dodgers management team aspire to address (or have addressed; starting with reducing the parking fee).

And I loved the way he ended the letter:

Some of you may have seen me, and some have even stopped to talk to me, as I visit different levels throughout the stadium every game. I do this because I want to learn - from you. I have asked my entire staff to be more active and visible to assist you and to get your feedback. Please come and talk to us. Your honesty and your enthusiasm will help make this organization serve you better.

And, expect us to continue asking you what you think over the coming weeks and months. We want to include you in surveys, focus groups and other discussions to help improve your experience at Dodger Stadium. But you don't have to wait for a formal invitation; please continue to send your ideas to Your thoughts and suggestions truly make a difference.

Some of your ideas can be implemented quickly, others will take more time. But we will keep you informed more frequently on everything we are doing to strengthen Dodger pride, to preserve yesterday's traditions, and to create tomorrow's memories.

When you visit Dodger Stadium, I want you to experience an even stronger culture and community among Dodger fans. We're going to create that experience together - and visiting teams will always know when they're playing in our town. We all love this team, and I want our fans to be able to show their pride together.

This is YOUR team, now and always.

Our goal is to deliver to YOU a World Series championship and to restore the Los Angeles Dodgers to their rightful place as a leader in Major League Baseball.

Thank you again for your loyalty to the Dodgers. You have our commitment that we will never take that for granted.

Wow. Feeling better about this second half already. Let's go, Dodgers!


Hideo Nomo said...

That's the perfect headline to use. In fact, I wonder why you haven't before.

NicJ said...

Anyone notice friendlier workers and shorter lines at DS? I actually have and the nights I was there the stadium was pretty full. Encouraging!

Franklin Stubbs said...


Yes, it definitely seems like service and morale is on the rise.

Hideo Nomo said...
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Hideo Nomo said...

Parking gate service has gotten slower since they added the ability to pay by card.

(Note: If anyone read my previous comment before I deleted it, disregard it. I was mistaken.)

Franklin Stubbs said...

I still refrain from parking in the lots. I don't mind it taking a little longer getting in, but the wait getting out makes me insane.

Dusty Baker said...

@ Stubbs

That may be a force multiplier of your insanity, but I don't believe it's the cause