Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Best Things About Last Night's Game...

Not sure what amused me more about last night's game. The secret Jose Canseco ad for Old Milwaukee. (From Deadspin - Thanks to Noah)

Old Milwaukee's made a name for itself in the advertising world by dropping oft-bizarre spots (often featuring actor Will Ferrell) and running them in one, usually small, television market.

The mysteries continued last night as two local cable ad buys on ESPN in the Kansas City market became the domain of Jose Canseco, who preached about the "better days" of baseball while clad in a uniform emblazoned with his own name. We've pointed out his self-awareness before, but the "Locker Room Speech" spot is especially ironic.(It's hard to hear, but what isn't.)

Or Aroldis Chapman and Jose Altuve...

... doing their best imitation of Frank Drebin and Al from Naked Gun.