Wednesday, July 04, 2012

At-Game Recap: Whew Edition

I couldn't take much more of being at the Yard and experiencing another loss. Luckily, tonight the baseball gods looked kindly in our favor. Plus, it was a nice give-away night of a cap with the 50th anniversary logo on the side. Quality cap and a classic rendition - nicely done, Dodgers!

An even cooler thing happened while I was at the game. My friend, someone sitting right next to me on the Loge Level, was the recipient of a ball thrown by Dee Gordon into the crowd after an inning-ending play that left him with the ball.

How great is it that they use a ball with this logo on it? Dee had to really chuck it to get it to where we were sitting. I wished for a second he would save it for the game and, therefore, for fewer weak throws to first. Nonetheless, it was a great gesture and a moment my friend and I won't soon forget.