Sunday, April 03, 2011

Game 4 Thread: April 3 vs. Giants, 5p

"I make this work."

Hiroki Kuroda (-, -.--) vs. Barry Zito (-, -.--).


For legal reasons they're calling it a "sleeved blanket," but we all know better: It's Snuggie Night at Dodger Stadium! While Dodger fans swaddle themselves in fleecy goodness, we ask the hard questions. Is it "Kershaw and Bills, and take your blood pressure pills" (courtesy of SoSG Sax), or can Kuroda prop up the back end of the rotation?

Meanwhile, Zito is making his first start of the season after being T-boned in West Hollywood on Wednesday. We hope he's all right, but he was driving a Bentley, so, like, our sympathy can only go so far.

Series split or 3-1 series win? Sleeved blanket or Snuggie? Don't be fooled; Dodger fans want the real thing.

Sax's note: I will be there this (early) evening, for my first game of the season. Even better, I'll probably be even more warm and more snuggable than last year! Please drop me a line in this chain if you are down at field level, third base side...I'll be the one in the mustard-stained Dodgers poncho.


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Steve Sax said...

201! Home from the Stadium, back in wifi range!!!

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