Monday, September 16, 2013

Vin Scully, In Pajamas

Via LA Observed, check out this video from the opening credits of a 1970s television game show, "It Takes Two".

Description of the short-lived show from IMDB:

Rules (Format 1: March 31, 1969-January 2, 1970) The Game has 3 celebrity couples involving all 4 questions throughout the show. (i.e.: "How many chicken legs could a college football team eat during the show?") to answer that question, The Celebrity Couples are writing down their answers by numbers and they averaged the number answer and selected 1 studio audience player choose 1 of the 3 couples correctly and he/she wins $100 and in September 1969, The Studio Audience Member will win merchandise prizes. (Format 2: January 5-July 31, 1970) The Studio Audience Member can choose the answer 4 times in 4 questions, He or She wins a new car. When he/she chose the wrong couple with the wrong answer, he/she loses a turn and it leads to choosing another studio audience member to choose the right answer.

And without further ado (but you have to wait for Vin a little bit in this clip):


Fred's Brim said...

I am getting antsy

I want to start pounding some coffin nails!

Steve Sax said...

I want to start pounding some beers