Thursday, September 05, 2013

Off-Day Debate: LA's Best Fried Chicken

I have a good friend who makes a mean batch of fried chicken once a year for a close circle of friends, and it is incredible. I've only been lucky enough to have been invited to his annual extravaganza once, and I still have dreams about it. A good fried chicken dinner makes me salivate. It's a real treat.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article on the nation's best fried chicken, and Los Angeles was one of only two cities (with Atlanta) to nab two spots in the country's top 11. My friend's dish didn't make the list (obviously). But here's what the WSJ ranked to represent Los Angeles:

5. A-Frame, Los Angeles: Not quite Southern, not quite Korean, wholly Roy Choi.

Roy Choi of A-Frame

6. Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles, Los Angeles: So good, a man was lured to his death with the promise of it in "Jackie Brown."

I haven't been to A-Frame yet. I have frequented the Roscoe's on Gower and on Pico, and can attest to both locations' goodness.

Any others in town worthy of mention?

photos: Jessica Sample / WSJ


Paul said...

Wild Neeebs' Fried Chicken and Prog Diner/Wax Museum. Also great NA/AA meetings on Tuesday nights.

Steve Sax said...

Are you talking about Buffalo Wild Neeebs?

BJ Killeen said...

Geez, Knotts Berry Farm is tradition, and Dinah's on Sepulveda close to LAX

Fred's Brim said...

Roscoe's Chili and Donuts has gone downhill since they started serving chicken and waffles

spank said...

Lazy Eye Jenkins Soul Food truck. The grits suck but the fried chicken is to die for.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Tuesday Nights are the best.

Don't tell anyone, but we still baste the Tuesday chicken in vodka.


And that's not really a waxed figure of Jesus Colorado. That's REALLY Jesus Colorado.