Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It Takes Vin Scully

From "Koufax on Mister Ed, Big D with Greg Brady, and Hollywood's Love Affair with the Dodgers" by Howard Cole at the LA Weekly:

Scully also hosted a celebrity couples TV game show called It Takes Two, which aired from March, 1969 to January, 1970. Though it's not listed in IMDB, one segment stands out distinctly in my mind.

The guest was Gary Conway, who at the time was starring in a sci-fi show known as Land of the Giants. Ever the Dodger and because of it a hero to millions, Scully didn't miss his chance.

Smiling, oozing that fair-haired charm and wit we know and love so well, Vin suggested with emphasis a much better name for Conway's series. You guessed it, the Land of the Dodgers.

The whole article is a great look at famous Dodgers appearing in vintage television and commercial spots. Check it out!