Thursday, September 19, 2013

Matt Kemp Is Back, And He's Bringing His Friends With Him

Hot off the sting of a difficult loss, I was super-excited to read about how Matt Kemp paid for five Dodger batboys to fly into Phoenix from LA, just in case the Dodgers had clinched Wednesday night:

PHOENIX -- Five bat boys and ball boys that work games at Dodger Stadium were flown in by outfielder Matt Kemp so they could be in the visitors clubhouse at Chase Field Wednesday night if the Dodgers clinched the National League West title.

The five: Gabriel Esparza-Torres, Francisco Herrera, Sergio Garcia, Javier Herrera and Eddie Gonshorowski.

Equipment manager Alex Torres said Kemp also picked up the hotel charges for the group. Torres said Brad Penny did the same thing for bat boys and ball boys in the 2004 playoffs.

Now I'm even more disappointed at Ronald Belisario's performance Wednesday night. If Kemp has to fly those five on to San Diego, they sure as heck better be on Belisario's tab.