Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Congratulations to NL Pitcher of the Month for August Zack Greinke

So this means Dodgers had NL pitcher of the month for July (Kershaw) and August (Greinke). By my rough calculation, that's a lot of the summer spent having the best pitchers in the NL. Clearly, we kept pitching. (cc: Fred's Brim)
Greinke, who also won an American League Pitcher of the Month Award in April 2009 as a member the Royals, went 5-0 in August, posting a 1.23 ERA in the process. The Dodgers righty racked up 30 strikeouts and eight walks over 36 2/3 innings while making a significant contribution to the Dodgers' Major League-best 2.07 ERA for the month.
I'm going to make a prediction and say Edinson Volquez will not win this honor for September.


Steve Sax said...

Edinson's just getting warmed up. He's targeting February.

Fred's Brim said...